At upscale Seoul Dining restaurant upcoming in Australia, which opens in Westfield Hurstville, offers a modern and unique understanding of contemporary Korean cuisine – the innovative chef has christened it as New Korean. We invite you to come and experience the boldly flavoured and whimsical culinary offerings of the restaurant in Seoul Dining. It also brings that approach to an entire restaurant, buffing the experience with stylish tables, crystal electronic grills and lounge with glittering banquettes.

The executive chef, Mr Lee, has worked at some top Korea kitchens but does not try to rewrite the classics, only to refine them.

The grills are electronic powered and quiet, at least when they work; there is often an unnerving period of clicking before flames finally lick the thick, clear plate.

For the Barbecue-averse, there are most of the Korean dishes - Fried Chickens, stews, classic noodle dishes and a spectacularly precise Bibimbap with perfectly cooked rice and vegetables.


We are a team of passionate (+ nerdy) chefs + front of house excited about preparing each dish + drink to create a great experience for you. I (Jun) and Mr Jung are humbled by their dedication + imagination. I've taken the role of the behind-the-scenes fixer-upper as they step forward to make my vision of Seoul Dining actually happen. We hope that you'll join us in what I consider our restaurant for a gracious & memorable meal.

Each of us brings a food history, a favourite flavour + a push to create food that is delicious, thoughtful + understated.

Time is our most precious ingredients whether it takes days, weeks or months to create, our food is punctuated by the flavours of ferments that capture the best of the season. Through this process, we make one-of-the-kind tastes that bridge all of our culinary heritages.


Shop A1 & B1 Westfield Hurstville 
Forest Road Entrance via The Eatery Hurstville, NSW 2220‚Äč

10am - 10pm
Open 7 days



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